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A Joint Range of Products JFE Steel Corporation and ThyssenKrupp Steel

Global availability of high-quality steels is becoming tremendously important, particularly for automobile manufacturers operating on a global level.

That’s why JFE Steel Corporation and ThyssenKrupp Steel agreed to join forces in 2002 to give our customers all over the world the opportunity to purchase comparable products in the high qualities they have become accustomed to.

We have adopted a joint nomenclature to make it easier for you to access our joint range of products specifically aligned to the needs of automobile manufacturers.

Learn all about the extensive cross-section of our joint range of products and download our brochure “Two Companies. One Global Product Portfolio“.

JFE Steel Corporation and ThyssenKrupp Steel are constantly expanding their common range of products.

You can keep up with our latest developments by downloading the most up-to-date version of our brochure.

Two Companies. One Global Product Portfolio
PDF brochure 2005/08/31, 2.1 MB
English version
PDF brochure 2005/08/31, 710 kB
Japanese version
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